Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Styling a Guest Room / Office

Recently, I was hired to help one of my regular clients with her guest room/office. The room is used as a guest room when out of town family comes to visit and as a workspace for this busy Mom and teacher.

The wall system, which had several broken components, would be updated.

She found this bedding on sale at Pottery Barn so we used it as our inspiration.

This storage unit would also remain.

My client had seen this vintage fireplace mantle at a local antiques store months ago but could not make up her mind.  I stopped by Buford Junction after our initial consultation and immediately decided it was perfect for the room.  The owner rents props to movie companies filming in Atlanta and said this had recently been used on a local movie set.  I need to stop back and see if she remembers which one!

A few accessories was all it needed!

I framed some vintage Smithsonian Wild Flowers of America prints
for the adjacent wall. I found the set of 18 at an antique show in
Charlotte a few years ago and knew they would come in handy

The painting done by my client's grandmother was framed and hung above an antique wicker chair, that is easy to pull over to the desk and also provides a chair for guests to read or put on shoes. I moved the beautiful quilt made by the client's mother from the basket on top of the shelves to the chair. Not only does this better showcase the quilt, but also makes the chair look more inviting!

By adding some lanterns, a pin board and a vintage bi-plane print
to the existing wall hardware, along with some pretty desk accessories,
the desk is now an organized and inviting place to work. I chose the
bi-plane print as my client's two little boys love planes!  It was a great deal
at only a dollar for the file at Graphicals Two on etsy.
Thanks for stopping by my first post!  Sorry the pictures are not great,
I need to remember to bring my camera not just my phone.



  1. Looks GREAT! I love that headboard...and you know I love botanical prints :)

  2. The office is very inviting! Love the lanters and the little pin board.