Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vintage Revival Update

After a great time with family and friends tailgating in Athens, I rushed over to the Vintage Revival Market in Buford.  I highly recommend stopping by if you have time this afternoon.  Although my friend Susan and I had really planned just to window shop, we both came away with some great treasures.

A display of vintage beds and the aroma of roasting nuts greeted us upon arrival.

One of the first booths we visited was actually the storage unit of self proclaimed hoarder, George Lee.  The large room was stuffed with an endless variety of goods.  None of it was priced, George would quote you a price on anything you were interested in.   My first purchases were these great acrylic pieces from the 60's.  Apparently they form a coffee table base.  I am thinking a Noguchi style base, but have yet to find any information on the Internet.  We speculated different ways it might assemble during cocktail hour last evening, and everyone had different ideas.  Any thoughts???  I am thinking I might use them for sculptural art pieces.  Sails in a nautical nursery?

We dug through a whole garbage bag of French school pull down charts and Susan picked this one.  Not sure where she is going to hang it, but she loved the harbor scene so we will find a place!

We browsed some great jewelry booths and then came across this card table printed with advertising from the East Lake area of Atlanta.  In one corner it said "property of East Lake Women's Club."  Perhaps it was used for bridge tournaments?  It has great graphic appeal and will easily hang on the wall.   Sorry I didn't get a better picture!

I scored this super cute antique paint pigment vial from a charming  vendor.  (I even took a picture of her fun haircut to show Allie at my next Haute Heads salon appointment!)  She was selling the vials as Christmas tree ornaments but I am going to make mine into a necklace.


 We returned to visit George's shop one more time on our way out.  I had one more treasure I couldn't get out of my thoughts-- this vintage ship's light fixture.  I am sure my HHM (Hunky Handyman) can help me rewire it!

 Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, but I wanted to get this post out in case anyone wanted to head over today!


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