Saturday, February 16, 2013

Shop your house first!

During a recent design consultation, my client and I spent a few minutes discussing the bonus room over the garage.  She wanted to use this space as her "play room."  Here she would have a place to work on craft projects, gift wrap and sort photos. This was not an area she wanted to spend a lot of her budget on, but still wanted it to be an inviting workspace.
On her sewing table, she had her toy sewing machine.  However, even though the table is small, the toy sewing machine looked lost there by itself.  (Sorry for the lack of a before picture this was an impromptu project.)  I spotted her sewing basket on an adjacent book shelf and added it to the display.  In the corner, was a stack of artwork she was saving but didn't have a spot for at the moment.  She had embroidered this beautiful crewel picture for her daughter when she was a baby. It was perfect for the backdrop!  A few books from the bookshelf to ground and elevate the vintage sewing machine and the table top was complete.
The wicker basket, which hid her full size sewing machine, contained some fabric remnants and left over stuffing.  A quick look in her craft closet produced the bright colored yarn, embroidery hoops, and knitting needles.  The poly fill stuffing and remnants are still stored in the basket but are now artfully concealed.
Pulling together this vignette took, at most, ten minutes and is totally composed of items my client already owned.   It is always a good idea to shop your own home first when accessorizing.  Pull out everything and anything you think might work.  You will be amazed at the vignettes you can create.


  1. I smile every time I walk past the room and see this! I love it! It came together SO quickly. Very inspiring to see someone work their magic! :)

    1. Thanks, Janet! It is always a joy to work with you. Your never ending supply of treasures, whether in closets or hidden away in the basement, always inspires me.