Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Intern's Lovely Spring Time Mantle

 I am loving the Spring mantle my friend put together recently!
What a great mix of texture, shape and color.  By contrasting the elegant oil paintings with the more organic texture of the nest and branches, she has added interest to her display. We joke about her being my intern, but you can see she has a great eye.  

Here is the first picture she texted me as she started composing this vignette.  When hanging a mirror, always take into consideration what it will reflect.  Not loving the reflection of the fan.
Layering the oil painting in front of the mirror helped.  The branches, with buds about to burst open, scream "Spring is Coming!"  Something it has been hard to believe around Atlanta recently.
Switching the mirror out for another oil painting really softened the display.  Susan has been collecting these vintage floral paintings for a gallery wall in her loft, but they are perfect here in the mean time.

Think I can convince her to come decorate my mantle?  What are you using to decorate this spring?


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  1. It's comforting to know that someone else texts you "in progress" pictures! :). What a pretty mantle display - definitely screams "Spring"!