Thursday, September 26, 2013

Factory Antiques: Using Vintage Peices for Organization

HHM and I have been out and about searching for great new treasures to add to the booth.  One of my favorite items is this fabulous wooden ammo box..  Produced in May of 1953 by the Riverside Box Company in Bloomington, IL, it was used to hold fragmentation hand grenades.
Need to get more organized this fall?  This box has so many uses:  mail, school papers, DVDs, towels, books, the possibilities are endless.
Pottery Barn uses a similar crate as a portable bar on the bookshelves shown here.
Here's a closer look.
These vintage metal file boxes are a fun way to store all those papers cluttering up your desk:  warranties and owner's manuals, bills, recipes, magazine clippings.  Stash the file box in your bookshelves, and that ugly paper work is camouflaged.
Green Park Ave File Folder
Add some pretty file folders and keeping organized becomes more fun.

What would you store in this chippy red pie safe?


  1. So sorry I could not meet you at the booth today. You have some great new stuff. Love the ammo box- it's as old as I am!!