Sunday, May 5, 2013

I Love Display Ledges

Ledges are a versatile tool in decorating your home.  They can be adapted for any design style and the possibilities of where to use them and what to display are endless.

Mixing accessories with artwork on these wide ledges
 from Pottery Barn adds dimension to this gallery wall. 
 Track lighting is the perfect addition to highlight both.

Narrow ledges with black and white photos 
make a statement in this modern office!  
Varying the width and color of the mats 
adds visual interest to the wall.

 Source Unknown

 White ledges against the dark wall add architectural interest!


Artfully arranged displays on small 
ledges fill an unused corner.

 A gallery wall does not have to be composed of
 pictures. This collection of mirrors is stunning! 

Source Unknown

Artwork of varying sizes suits this country home.  
Ledges allow you expand or edit your collection 
without adding additional holes to the wall.

Rustic ledges with a chalkboard backdrop allow this 
collector to label his vintage cameras.  Notice the 
outline and label of the camera that is either being  
used or has not yet been added to the collection.

Using ledges in the bath makes the most
 of narrow spaces. 


Ledges can be made from all sorts of materials 


Great storage for craft supplies.


 In a nursery or young child's room ledges allow book covers to face outward, allowing easy selection by little hands.

 Chapin Group Interiors

The possibilities are endless:
Spices or cookbooks in the kitchen
Collections of all types
Children's artwork
Bar accessories

What would you like to display on a ledge?




  1. I know we are looking at ledges on this latest blog. I loved them. But I also noticed a sofa in one of the pictures. It looks like the sofa is possibly covered with a white coverlet. I really like how the dark wood legs show below the fresh white.