Sunday, July 7, 2013

Out and About: Metrolina Expo Antique Fair in Charlotte, North Carolina

Hunky Handy Man and I decided to take a road trip over the Fourth and headed to Charlotte for the Metrolina Expo Antique Fair.  We had visited this show several years ago and fell in love with the city of Charlotte.  Veteran treasure hunters that we are, we know the best items go fast so we left Atlanta at 5 a.m. to be in Charlotte when the show opened.   Driving through some serious storms, we were not sure if this was the best plan!  Would vendors even show up in the downpour?  Did we want to wade through puddles in search of treasure?

Despite the weather, we arrived a few minutes before the 9:00 a.m. opening along with a few other diehards.  Although the sky looked threatening, the rain held off and we were rewarded with some great finds.
The first booth inside the gate had a basket of what I thought were chick feeders; upon further research, HHM learned they were actually Bass feeders.  I originally bought three of these beauties and when I went back for more, they were sold out!

I also purchased the large galvanized tray (used in a factory for baking bread) and the industrial stool from this charming couple.  They are thinking of coming to some Atlanta shows soon and I look forward to seeing their wares!  I am kicking myself for not buying several other of pieces from their booth.

Our next stop was this semi-covered area.  I snatched up this great crewel picture just in time as another customer bought all the remaining needlework pictures. (This one was my favorite anyway).

Love the Chinoiserie vase!  The aqua fits perfectly with today's color trends
Inside the first building, I found several great sewing machine drawers and a safety deposit box.  Normally, I find the inside booths are higher end antiques (and higher priced) but ended up finding several bargains.
Many of the permanent stalls were not open on the Fourth.  Due to the rain, it was a relatively small show but I was thrilled with the treasures we found.

Hunky Handy Man really wanted to buy the fire truck.  Yes, it does have for sale signs in the window.   Our grandson would have been thrilled!
Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July.  Watch for our further adventures in Charlotte later this week.

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