Sunday, July 28, 2013

Styling a Round Coffee Table

Although I love my round sea grass coffee table purchased at Z Gallerie many years ago, it can be a challenge to style a round coffee table.   I finally found the perfect tray to ground my vignettes on sale at Pottery Barn.  The dark color and smooth wood finish contrast perfectly with the sea grass and tie together with the dark legs.
Last evening, my daughter-in-law gave me a beautiful bouquet of hydrangeas from her yard.  This inspired me to clear off the magazines, mail, and remnants of an earlier tablescape so I could enjoy their beauty.
Taking pictures of vignettes can help you really focus in on the details.  Although this arrangement looked okay, when I looked at this picture, the magnifying glass gets lost.  Adding the books prevented it from disappearing against the dark tray. They also added a linear shape to contrast with all the round and organic elements.
Although my kids think I am at pack rat (I think hoarder is the term they use), I was able to pull together this vignette with things I pulled from my stash.  The Pottery Barn vase was purchased for my daughter's engagement party five years ago.  I found the driftwood at a lighting store in Naples, Florida while helping a client choose a new fixture.  The magnifying glass came from my all time favorite home decor store, Nell Hill's in Atchison, Kansas.  (And I am not going to lie, it has come in very handy when HHM and I do not have a pair of reading glasses close by).   And of course, there is no shortage of design books in every room of my house!
Quick tip:  Dip the stems of your hydrangeas in hot water to prolong their life.  I boil water in my teapot, pour into a measuring cup and submerge the fresh cut stem for a few seconds.  Occasionally, I still have a bloom that wilts quickly but for the most part I have found this to be successful


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  1. One of my readers just emailed to let me know she uses boiling water the first two times she waters her Christmas tree to help keep it fresh longer. She learned this trick from the tree farm where she buys her Christmas trees each year. I will be trying this come December!