Sunday, August 18, 2013

All in the Family: Grandma's Kitchen Table Repurposed as a Coffee Table

Let's just say, the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.  Although my children, along with my nieces and nephews have mocked my sisters and my creative endeavors throughout their childhoods, they are now starting to pursue their own projects.  My sister texted me pictures of the coffee table my nephew built using his grandmother's old kitchen table.
The finished product looks great in his new house. (Jared, you can check out how to style a coffee table on my previous blog post here.  I am sure you can extrapolate the principles to a rectangular coffee table).
I don't have a lot of details on his construction process but am guessing that the top with the legs removed, fits down in the box he constructed.  Good job using towels to protect the floor!  Of course it couldn't be constructed in the garage due to the newly installed gym.
Truly a Renaissance Man!
 Here you can see the drill holes left by my Mother as she made sandals out of oil cloth for Vacation Bible School.  Whoops!  Don't you love a piece of furniture with history?  Now you see where this craftiness talent comes from.  It is in the genes!
Being a true member of the Britt Clan, he saved the legs for future use.  I found these ideas for him by googling repurposed table legs:

Spindle Christmas Tree?
And of course, if you have a few fan blades laying around you could make your Mom some yard art!  She would, however, want them in a brighter color.
Any other ideas for repurposing the table legs?


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