Sunday, August 4, 2013


Several months ago, my intern and I ventured out to Statham, Georgia to visit Factory Antiques.  We had heard about it on numerous occasions and decided it was time to investigate.
It was love at first site.  Architectural salvage, industrial items, painted furniture, garden paraphernalia, whimsical tchotchkes and more!  Well, it just so happened they had a booth space coming available the first of August.  Hunky Handy Man has been pushing  suggesting I open another antique booth ever since we opened the Etsy Shop.  While on the hunt for items for Etsy, I kept running across great finds that would be better sold through a store than the Internet. (Not only do I find them, I buy them as they are way too cool to pass up!  Sooooo, we decided to take the plunge.  Chapin Group Interiors booth officially opened on August 1.
 We spent most of the day Thursday setting up
Hunky Handy Man (HHM) carrying in fixtures.
Great lathe wall.
HHM had a lot to do before my intern and I could get started. This great corner unit 
was  built from bi-fold doors we found along the road several months ago. 
 Of course I had to stop and pick them up!
Tight fit.
Anybody home?
The industrial window is hung!  Hard to part with this treasure but it doesn't fit where
I wanted to use it in my house.  Six years in the garage is probably long enough.
 Let the fun begin!
My trusty intern was there to tote, style and offer advice.
(And take all these photos)
Thanks, Susan!
One of my favorite clients stopped by and made the first purchase from our booth.
 HHM really wanted to keep this blown glass fishing float,
 Love the patina on this claw foot tub leg. 
They make great bookends!

 Not sure what this government chest was used for, but it is made out of quarter inch steel.
What ever they stored in it was very secure.
Vintage industrial stools.
 These bass feeders would look great in the garden.

 Instant collection of vintage hand blown wine demijohns.
 Add a whimsical vintage touch to the nursery.
 Fabulous coffee table!
What is your favorite? 
We will be adding new merchandise each week so be sure to stop by!
See y'all soon!


  1. Great post! I love the last picture - it's a gem! I think I will be spending a lot of time at this place!

    1. Susan was very creative with the pictures! I think Factory Antiques is a good source for items for your lovely garden.

  2. Looking good! I'll be stopping by once things settle down here.