Sunday, November 3, 2013

Creating Garden Art from Family Treasures

Do you have a stash of glassware floating around that you don't have a use for but hate to get rid of?  One of my clients created beautiful art for her garden using a variety of glass items she had inherited from her family. 

As you wander the paths through her lovely garden, you just happen upon the glass sculptures. Hesitant, at first to alter these items her Mother had given her, she decided to take the plunge when she considered they had been boxed up in her basement for years.  Now, she gets joy from seeing them in her garden daily.  (I think she has a magical basement, it is a never ending source of treasures!)  

To assemble the heirloom garden sculptures she used a tube of E-6000 -- available at craft and home improvement stores or on Amazon.  Using an upside down vase or bottle as the base makes it easy to simply slide the sculpture over the top of a stake anywhere in your garden and to empty any rain water that may accumulate 

Follow directions carefully as the glue needs to cure for ten minutes and is hard to re-position when dry.

I missed this beauty on my first trip through! 

The bird and flower shapes are such a natural complement to the plants.
Sunlight playing on the glass adds a bit of sparkle to the garden.

If you don't have a magical basement full of treasures, check out your local thrift stores
 and neighborhood yard sales.

Bonus Feature:  The galvanized bucket she bought on my opening day at Factory Antiques
 holds a Mum in her deck herb garden.  

The child's rake, pumpkins, and Pottery Barn owls complete the Fall vignette.  
Watch for a more detailed post on her garden next Spring.

Happy gardening!


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  1. What a beautifully written and photographed post! Love it!